Our Global Strategy

Human Population growth is Exploding!!

World Growth Chart

From 2 Billion to 7.7 Billion in less than 100 years!

More people have been born in the last 17 years than in the first 1,800 years after Christ!

Christianity's effort to reach the lost must radically change!  God has provided the answer!


Church Planting Movement

Native efforts to reach their own people

God's modern tool to reach massive numbers of people
God is raising native leaders to reach their own people groups by creating church planting ministries.  These leaders create regional ministries by developing indigenous (native) church planting missionaries who's work is to start home churches that then reach their communities.  The result is new believers who are trained and discipled to reach their family and friends with the Good News of Jesus.  This, in turn, creates caring communities that meet the needs of people both spiritually and physically.

Global Assist comes alongside and partners with these native ministries to assist and propel their work providing them with much-needed resources to accomplish their mission.  It's a multiplying factor that is not seen in any other type of global evangelism.  Church Planting Movement is fast, effective and creates sustainable churches that fulfill God's plan for their His Kingdom.

"Global Assist doesn't create the ministry...We assist the ministry"

Why are native Church Planting Movements so effective?
  • It's their own culture and language

  • It's their own communities - families, friends, and neighbors

  • It's their own political and government environment

  • It's their own workers and missionaries

  • It's their own PASSION that God has produced in them

  • It drives rapid, sustainable multiplication

This is God's miraculous strategy to reach today's modern world!

We can reach all humanity with the Gospel within our generation!

The Elements of Church Planting Movement
  • Evangelism: reaching the world with the Good News

  • Discipleship: building up and training new believers

  • Transformation: eternally changing lives

  • Multiplication: ability to reach massive numbers of people quickly and efficiently