Dr. Visvasam Nannan (Mark)

Executive Director Global Operations

Mark has been associated with Global Assist since 2008. He hails from a Christian family in South India. Though he lost interest in spiritual activities as teenager, his godly mother kept influencing him strongly to come to Christ. God was gracious and protected him miraculously when he was attacked and nearly killed in a communal violence at the age of 18.

Immediately after this terrible incident, he began seeking for God and wanted to follow Christ’s teachings seriously. After few months of searching for meaning and purpose in life, he understood the importance of a personal relationship with God through Christ. In a Christian conference for University students, he gave his life to Christ and experienced a dramatic life change through the transforming power of the Hoy Spirit. He became a strong witness for Christ to students at the University and to young people in his community. After his graduation he obeyed God’s call to become a missionary and joined Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) in India.

Mark began his missionary work in 1982 by taking the JESUS movie to thousands of people in India. After a year he moved to the University ministry and discipled student leaders and built student movements in the cities of Chennai and Bangalore, India. In 1984 he moved to the Philippines and earned his Master of Divinity degree from the International Graduate School of Leadership, Asia. In 1986, the Lord gave him a vision to invest his life in building spiritual leaders across the world that will help transform the world. For five years he served at the Great Commission Training Center to equip new staff of Campus Crusade from South Asia both in theology and ministry skills.

Mark and his wife Vasanthi moved to New Delhi, the capital city of India as cross-cultural missionaries to fulfill their God given call to take Christ’s love to the people who have never been reached. He began ministering to University students in the leading campuses. He used various strategies including Athletes in Action, the sports ministry of Campus Crusade to influence hundreds of young men and women.

In 1997 Mark began providing leadership to the various ministries of CCC in North and South East region of India as Associate Director. He mentored and trained University students, young professionals, pastors and mission leaders till 2010. He was also instrumental in establishing hundreds of strategic partnerships with churches and missions in India to plant churches in rural and urban centers. He serves on the Board of several indigenous mission organizations and networks.

Mark and Vasanthi joined the staff of Global Assist in 2010 to coach and mentor missionaries with Global Assist. Mark has earned his Doctor of Ministry in transformational leadership from Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, WA.  Apart from being on the Board of Global Assist, he serves as the Executive Director Global Operations of the ministry. With his vast experience as a grassroots missionary, trainer of fulltime missionaries, regional leader, networker and church planter he is committed to take the gospel to all the nations to fulfill the Great Commission.

Mark and Vasanthi are blessed with two sons and a daughter. They are University students actively involved in Church and student ministry activities.