History - Mission - Vision

Where Global Assist Began

Beginning in 2003, members of Global Assist were traveling to India to share the gospel of Christ through short term missions. During these evangelistic trips they traveled with indigenous pastors and took the Jesus film to unreached villages. Through this effort, they saw thousands of people believe in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

It is indeed exhilarating to see eternal destinies forever changed through God's miraculous grace. While we praised God for their salvation, we also understood the need to assist growth in their new faith. Through prayer, counsel, and time, God clearly directed Global Assist to His strategy of coming along side of already existing indigenous Church Planting ministries to fulfill the Great Commission.  It's a divine partnership that completes the resource needs for these indigenous leaders to be able reach their people groups with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Mission

We know there are billions of people that have yet to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. As the human population is exploding, growing from 2 billion in 1927 to 7.8 billion through 2019, God has designed a modern strategy of reaching the lost.  He is raising up indigenous (native) leaders, instilling a singular purpose within their hearts to reach their own people groups.  These "church planting ministries" are able to reach their own people like no one else can.  It's their people, their land, their language, their culture, their church planting missionaries and therefore their mission.  It is through these thousands of global, native, church planting ministries that there is the opportunity to keep pace with the growth of the human population.   Because of the great need and our commitment to fulfill the great commission, Global Assist is ready to go wherever God directs us, coming along side native ministry partners to reach millions with the Gospel and to change lives, communities and eternal destinies for God's glory. We understand that each culture is unique and therefore we will always work through established and emerging indigenous global ministries to deliver the Word of God. God is supernaturally calling these leaders from all over the world to raise up a ministry that reaches their native regions and people groups. It is this strategy that we believe God is using to reach massive numbers of humanity for His Kingdom. It's a dynamic strategy that can grow quickly enough to keep up with the surge in human population.

Where We Are Today

Global Assist is currently supporting native partner ministries in India and Ethiopia. With over 1.2 billion people, India is the second largest populated nation in the world. Yet less than 8 percent of the population are Christians and that 8 percent makes up the second largest religious minority in India. Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa with over 110 million people with less than 2% being true followers of Jesus.  With our native Partners, over 1 million people have heard the Gospel of Christ over the last 10 years.  20,000+ villages have been reached and over 200,000 have received salvation through faith in Christ.  Almost 7,000 house churches have been planted where people are growing and maturing in their faith.  The real evidence of change is seen in the transformation of local societies into caring communities, where the love of God is lived out daily.

As you can see the number of Christians in India and Ethiopia is small. We believe that God is aggressively building His Kingdom in these countries with native church planting ministries. With over 90 percent of the population of India and Ethiopia either Hindu, Muslim or Coptic, it is clear that these are places where the gospel needs to be heard. We know that the harvest is ready therefore we are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission through the work of our International Partners.


Future Goals

As God leads us to passionately move forward, we believe that over the next decade He is enabling Global Assist to come along side many new native partner ministries in many countries.  We are prayerfully committed to a six year strategy to increase the number of global partners, throughout the world, so that over 30 million will hear the gospel and over 1 million will become believers in Christ.  We hope to have reached over 150,000 villages and urban neighborhoods with 50,000 new churches planted. 

We are committed to growing internal capacities to address the needs of children, human suffering, and poverty as experienced in the people groups of our International Partners.  New program centers are being developed inside of Global Assist that will provide resources and strategies to address these needs.